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Sage 300 ERP Financial Management

Realize the future of your business today.

In the current global economy, you need to stay competitive. more than merely adhering to financial compliance and accountability.The basis is a strong financial management assist you in increasing productivity, visualizing achievement, and intensify growth. Every financial-based industry depends focusing on real-time visibility, teamwork, agility, and most importantly compliance is necessary for success. As your company searches for affordable methods to meet to meet client requirements and boost financial performance, Sage 300 ERP offers a very flexible solution. that enables you to broaden not only your line of products,

Not to mention how many locations and services you require. to successfully meet the needs of the customer. using Sage Using 300 ERP, you’ll manage your costs as efficiently as feasible.

a full-featured business management system that supports numerous databases, operating systems, and technologies. systems that help you maintain a low total cost of ownership.

Sage 300 ERP, which comes in a variety of editions, gives you the chance to increase users and incorporate more functionality as your company expands, and provides integrated support for transactions in multiple languages and currencies, so your Business can easily cross international borders. 

We constantly have a clear understanding of the state of our company, particularly with regard to our inventory and financial positions, such as cash flow, receivables, and payables. Additionally, the reporting options are very extensive. Within two days of each month’s end, we can produce all of our month-end reports and determine our profitability. Reports are simple.

the ability to read and provide vital data for monitoring and managing a firm. When we started exploring for a new solution, this is exactly what we were looking for.

A world-class application, Sage 300 ERP offers:

  • Superior design gives you the flexibility to expand with the scale of your organization as it changes, to simply customize to meet unique needs, and to provide various deployment options and languages.
  • Comprehensive customization options and the ability to quickly add features are provided by ultimate scalability.
  • Through a typical web browser, anytime, anywhere access gives you full access to your accounting system.
  • Configuration and navigation are simple thanks to smart wizards and a comfortable UI.
  • You may successfully meet the most stringent international regulations with the aid of multicurrency, multientity, and multinational capabilities.
  • A modular, simple-to-expand solution that offers a large selection of high-quality integrated vertical tools and a strong network of more than 400 development partners committed to giving you an end-to-end business management solution gives you the flexibility to meet the needs of your unique business.

Build Your Business on a Solid Foundation

Sage 300 ERP enables you to reduce the time and expense of difficult accounting and financial operations and repurpose those resources for tactical actions that maintain the success of your company. Your company may increase efficiency and cut costs with Sage 300 ERP’s quick, precise financial management. Your sales and service functions are seamlessly connected by Sage 300 ERP for simplified, end-to-end financial administration. Strong, adaptable technologies boost accounting compliance and financial reporting, and they deliver superior business intelligence for a higher ROI.

  • Ensure your financial decisions are based on accurate, thorough information.
  • Manage international accounting processes with ease and set up for localization according to country.
  • Increase the speed of financial operations like quotations to cash, collections, and closing.
  • Increase receivables’ leverage and increase working capital proactive risk and compliance management; enhanced responsibility, transparency, and visibility

You can confidently handle the intricate financial affairs of your business with the help of Sage 300 ERP’s strong financial capabilities. Full multicurrency capacity, potent bank reconciliation and tax reporting tools, versatile transaction processing options, potent fiscal period management, and educational dashboards for analytical reporting are among the features. By precisely displaying crucial financial information in an easily comprehensible style, Sage 300 ERP Financial Management aids in the success of enterprises.

General Ledger

The core of your financial accounting procedures is the General Ledger module. Sage 300 ERP gives enterprises of all sizes and types the flexibility to fulfill their present and future financial management needs. It offers a comprehensive feature set built to meet your most demanding budgeting and processing requirements. The Financial Reporter Tool, which is integrated into the Sage 300 ERP General Ledger module, makes it simple to create precise financial reports like an Income Statement Summary, a Balance Sheet, or other Excel®-based reports. The Financial Reporter is a robust reporting application that manipulates, formats, graphs, and prints general ledger data using Microsoft Excel. The key to increasing the effectiveness and accuracy of your financial data is General Ledger, which ties all modules together effortlessly.


  • A general ledger account setup that is configurable enables the adoption of special procedures and best practices.
  • Full transaction threading from submodules for thorough compliance with GAAP, FASB, and IFRS data verification.
  • For accurate financial reporting, you can easily manage up to 10 separate account segments and save up to 99 years of financial information.
  • With the integrated financial report writer, creating income summaries, balance sheets, and cash flow statements is a breeze.
  • Financial management and analytics are optimized by built-in business intelligence.
  • Easily export data or import transactions from other programs efficiently manage many currencies while maintaining complete transaction control.
  • Get your data in order for multilayer reporting.
  • Organizations can manage which users can view or use specific general ledger accounts by using G/L security functionality.
  • Depending on G/L security settings’ segment validation. Set access controls for single, multiple, or single segment validation or several validations of accounts.

G/L Consolidations

You can transfer and integrate General Ledger account and transaction data between several company and branch office locations using the G/L Consolidations module. Additionally, it is made to allow holding companies and subsidiaries to function on various networks and accounting systems. Your business can specify the level of detail to consolidate with G/L Consolidations, which also offers a thorough audit trail. A full version of the system is offered for the main office, while a remote-sites version is offered for branch offices.


• Automatically convert currencies and record any gains or losses that follow.

• Use the automatic balancing account to combine all accounts or a subset of accounts.

• Combine general ledger balances for businesses with various fiscal years and fiscal periods using mapping well as various account structures. Consolidate general ledgers, multicurrency accounts, and single currency general ledgers using several functional currencies.

• Create a holding company account by combining many subsidiary accounts.

• Provide a description for transactions involving net change or account balances.

• Reimburse subsidiaries for transactions that started in a holding company.

• Convert amounts in the originating ledger from the functional or source currency and indicate the type of translation rate.

Intercompany Transactions

The Intercompany Transactions module makes recording transactions easier and requires substantially less work. Multiple companies’ General Ledger and Accounts Payable transactions. This module allows you to automatically based on the following, divide your transactions to the appropriate businesses and related intercompany loan accounts: relations you specify


 • Distribute invoices to as many general ledger accounts and automatically create loan account entries for intercompany transactions.

• Register accounts as necessary.

• Identify connections and keep track of transactions involving originators, intermediaries, and destinations.

businesses using various functional currencies.

• Include transaction descriptions and references to create a thorough audit trail for reconciliation needs.

• Manage tax calculations for taxes that are incurred, allocated, or recovered.

• Print a report on the reconciliation of intercompany loans to find any discrepancies between the companies.

• Process intercompany general ledger journal entries, debit notes, and invoices from intercompany accounts payable.

credit notes, too.

• Handle multicurrency transactions for intermediary and destination businesses that use several or a single currency

Multiple Language and Localization Support

When doing business abroad, you must be able to support local language and accounting norms like taxation and reconciliation. Sage 300 ERP comes with five language overlays that let you customize the software’s language for certain users. Out of the box, you get Simplified and Traditional Chinese in addition to English, Spanish, and French. Additionally, you may apply local language, tax, and accounting laws using the software’s intuitive default settings and templates thanks to its configurable flexibility. Multinational corporations face a two-fold issue when it comes to financial reporting.

Each division or subsidiary shall manage its accounts payable and receivable in the local currency and shall pay its taxes in the local currency in accordance with local accounting standards. However, it is also necessary to consolidate financial information from subsidiaries into the accounting ledger and monetary unit of record. standards of the nation in which the entire corporation is run. The ledger of record must incorporate these changes and guarantee that all entries balance because currency exchange rates fluctuate often. You may effortlessly adhere to the worldwide currency standard thanks to the transnational features of Sage 300 ERP and the Multicurrency module

Multicurrency Manager

Businesses that aspire to flourish on the global market need to have strong core financial capabilities that can handle the challenges of multicurrency operations. The Multicurrency module of the system offers powerful multicurrency and analysis capabilities so you can take advantage of global opportunities.


• Keep up with daily exchange rate updates, keep an infinite number of currencies and exchange rate schedules, and publish gains and losses resulting from currency swings, both realized and unrealized.

• Handle the currency problems that come with a global market with ease.

• Complying with IFRS, FASB-52, and IAS 125 regulations

Transaction Analysis and Optional Fields

All Sage 300 ERP applications can use as many optional fields as they want thanks to the optional fields module. You can personalize your solution with optional fields to offer thorough reporting and analysis abilities that are tailored to your particular business needs. You can more readily access the relevant data that pertains to your business operations and processes and handle information more effectively.

• Specify all necessary details for each General Ledger account, client, supplier, product,    transaction, and transaction information.

• Record and track information from the initial transaction all the way to your general ledger with ease.• Create as many yes/no, text, amount, date, time, integer, and other optional fields as you like for usage in all Sage 300 ERP software.

Accounts Payable

Maintaining positive vendor relationships while managing your cash flow, tracking and forecasting purchases, and analyzing expenses and product purchases. Sage 300 ERP Accounts Payable gives you instant access to the kind of thorough data that enables you to assess the past, keep tabs on the present, and create plans for the future—assisting you in making the best choices now to acquire a competitive edge. 

• You can save time and money by automating vendor-related procedures and streamlining voucher entry.

• Multiple vendor addresses, multi-year history retention, and automatic payment selection are all supported by the system printing of checks and more.

• Data input and export are simple.

• Effective inquiry tools enable quick access to tailored AP information.

Accounts Receivable and National Accounts Management

Manage your cash flow well, monitor and forecast client purchasing trends, examine sales, and offer first-rate customer service. With Sage 300 ERP, you can fully oversee your invoicing and receivables operations while utilizing automatic calculations that reduce errors and remove redundant data entry. Across national accounts, combine customer receivables, statements, reporting, and credit checks. Accounts Receivable provides quick access to the kind of detailed data you need to evaluate the past, keep tabs on the present, and make plans for the future—providing you with insightful information to help you choose wisely. 


• Quickly and easily organize customer information, and for each customer, construct an unlimited number of ship-to destinations.

• Assign an account set that is distinct from the national account to a member of the national account.

• Bringing in transactions from other programs.

• Small overpayments can be easily written off simply amending the receipt in Adjustments.

• Print the Aged Trial Balance, Past Due Accounts, Customer Transactions, Customer List, General, and Statistics Ledger transaction reports can be sorted and customized to highlight certain transactions.

• To examine your customer information fast, use reports and enquiry displays.

• Quickly access the source transactions from the customer’s transactions and receipts in Customer Activity and invoices.

System Manager–Bank Reconciliation

In today’s fast-paced business environment, you need accurate, current knowledge of your company’s cash position as well as trustworthy forecasts of future cash balances to make wise decisions.  The module for System Manager Complete bank reconciliation capabilities is included in Sage 300 ERP, allowing you to swiftly and reliably balance all of your bank accounts and execute bank transactions with pinpoint accuracy.

The System Manager includes built-in bank reconciliation, ensuring seamless communication to all submodules and assisting you in keeping better track of your financial position so you may make wise and timely business decisions.

Sage Active Planner–Advanced Budgeting and Allocations

Take charge of the budgeting process and inject business planning with strategic perspective. Sage Active Planner is an enterprise-wide, purpose-built budgeting and planning tool that equips you to use “bottom up” and “top down” budgeting as well as “what if” analysis to make strategic, more knowledgeable business decisions. By establishing allocation rules and giving you the freedom to allocate and redistribute allocations for both new and old accrued transactions, built-in process controls assist you in preventing errors

Sage Fixed Assets

The accounting software Sage Fixed Assets—Depreciation (formerly known as FAS Asset Accounting) tracks the tangible assets of your firm, such as computers, copiers, manufacturing equipment, and other office supplies.

eliminating the need for offline spreadsheets and tax deductions. With a sophisticated bar-code system, Sage Fixed Assets—Inventory (previously FAS Asset Inventory) advances Sage Fixed Assets—Depreciation empowers you to use a handy handheld radio-frequency device to quickly track the physical position of assets. 

Check and Form Printing by PrintBoss

Print out accounting forms on several different printers in addition to printing checks on blank check stock. Our checks and company forms come with a 100 percent guarantee that they will print without typos and will work with your Sage software. Guaranteed complete satisfaction or we’ll reprint your order or give you a refund. 

Document Management by Altec 

Improve your organization’s ability to store, retrieve, and move important information. Doc-link by Altec enables you to digitally capture documents, automate the routing and delivery of all printed documents, reports, and forms, improve corporate operations using set workflows, and provide quick desktop retrieval. Electronic process and transaction management offers measurable return on investment (ROI) and the observable advantages of improved visibility and control.

Sage Payment Processing by Sage Exchange 

Utilize Sage Payment Processing by Sage Exchange to quickly and conveniently process payment receipts. Your needs for payment processing are supported by advanced security and usability, and fraud protection tools that shield you and your clients from fraudulent credit card use. Additionally, the fact that your solution has been confirmed to be in compliance with the Payment Application Data Security Standard (PA-DSS) specifications set forth by the Payment Card Industry (PCI) gives you peace of mind.

Sage CRM

What are the benefits of customer relationship management (CRM) capabilities for a business with a financial focus? The accounting and finance divisions of every business have numerous daily tasks as well as broad objectives. It’s a balancing act that isn’t always successful, particularly for companies with a financial focus. Sage CRM is useful. A single-user license is included with your purchase of Sage 300 ERP’s robust customer relationship management system. Naturally, you receive all the capability and strength of a complete CRM solution, but you can also profit from the strong financial-focused advantages.


• Collection conversations may be effectively documented in one central location, including emails, phone calls, notes, and letters place to increase efficiency and make it simple for coworkers to continue where the previous person left off.

• AR Collections Manager assists you in prioritizing follow-up collection calls and keeping track of the AR collection process and recognize emerging risks or trends early enough to take preventative measures.

• The workflow for credit approval is automated, which means the accounting staff won’t have to follow down documentation and the sale can close. You can decrease the time from placing an order to receiving payment faster.

• Sage CRM assists you in processing, monitoring, and staying on top of vendor discounts. Requests for quotations and purchases.

Business Intelligence

You can gain more insight into your company and make quicker, more informed decisions with the help of Sage 300 ERP’s business intelligence solutions. You have up-to-the-minute visibility across all departments and firms in your system with real-time data, the flexibility to design personalized dashboards and insightful reports, and quick analytics that can be applied to strategic planning. Business intelligence technologies can help you streamline corporate operations and give decision-makers knowledge of operational and financial performance. Sage 300 ERP helps you enhance cooperation and speeds up information interchange for a 360-degree perspective of your business by using a single solution that connects and simplifies all of your activities.

Get the Mobility and Cost-Saving Benefits of Cloud Computing With Sage 300 ERP Online 

Put the strength of Sage 300 ERP to work for you with a flexible on-demand deployment architecture that enables business expansion without increasing the need for and cost for IT support. For a low monthly subscription, Sage 300 ERP Online provides web-based access to comprehensive accounting, sales and marketing automation, and other applications.

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