Orchid Systems' EFT Processing for Sage 300

Orchid Systems' EFT Processing for Sage 300

EFT Processing for Sage 300 offers a comprehensive solution, enabling businesses to streamline their payments and receipts through Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT). With EFT Processing, you can enjoy a seamless integration with Sage 300, ensuring a familiar user experience while leveraging enhanced functionality.

Orchid Systems' EFT Processing for Sage 300​

Key Benefits

Enhanced Efficiency

Automate your payment processes to save time, reduce errors, and eliminate the need for duplicate data entry. It supports a wide range of bank formats, making it versatile for global business needs.


Cost Savings

Say goodbye to duplicate data entry, admin costs, and the headaches of managing separate systems. Our integration simplifies processes, reducing errors and inefficiencies.


Improved Security

With features like audit-logging and encryption of bank account details, you can have confidence in the security of your cash movements. The two-step approval process for changes to bank account details adds an extra layer of protection.


Flexibility and Customization

Whether you’re dealing with accounts payable, accounts receivable, or payroll, EFT Processing adapts to your needs. It supports over 800 bank formats from more than 80 countries, with the ability to create new formats upon request.


Features at a Glance

EFT File Creation

Generate EFT files for both payments and receipts in the format required by your bank, including support for SEPA (Europe) and BPAY (Australia) formats.


Remittance Advice and Processing Options

Perfect for organizations operating within a single Sage 300 database, offering sophisticated routing and segment-level balancing capabilities.


Security Features

Benefit from extensive audit logs, encrypted bank details, and optional password protection for emailed remittance advices.


Integration and Support 


Developed within the Sage 300 SDK, EFT Processing offers a seamless integration with your existing systems, supported by the familiar Sage 300 interface and functionality.


Why Choose EFT Processing for Sage 300?

Clients, ranging from corporate controllers to business technology solutions providers, have experienced immediate ROI, improved efficiency, and enhanced security with EFT Processing. The flexibility to automate large volumes of transactions, coupled with our commitment to customization and support, makes EFT Processing the preferred choice for businesses looking to optimize their financial operations.


Get Started Today

Transform your financial transaction processing with EFT Processing for Sage 300. Contact us to learn more about how our solution can benefit your business, or talk to your local Sage partner to begin streamlining your payments and receipts with unmatched efficiency and security