Autosimply Barcoding

Autosimply Barcoding

The Auto Simply Barcode Operation (B/O) module is an easy-to-use plug-in barcode system designed for small to medium-sized trading companies. It seamlessly integrates with Sage 300 ERP, providing a comprehensive solution for inventory management. With the latest web service technology, the Auto Simply Barcode Warehouse updates 100% online and is fully compatible with Sage 300 ERP, eliminating inventory balance discrepancies within the system.

Key Features and Benefits

Barcode Purchase Orders (P/O)


Simplify goods receipt and return processes by scanning inventory items and quantities against purchase orders, automatically updating transactions in Sage 300 ERP.


Barcode Order Entry (O/E)


Enhance shipment efficiency with a new “Dispatch” function, allowing for easy stock allocation and shipment using handheld scanners. This feature also supports sales return functions, ensuring a smooth return process. 


barcode on boxes

Barcode Inventory Control (I/C)


Manage I/C Transfer and Physical Count transactions effortlessly with scanner support for multiple warehouse locations. The system ensures security with User ID, Handheld, and Warehouse specifications, and supports Lot/Serialized Number tracking for precise inventory management.


Cost Savings


The plug-in solution reduces costs associated with manual records in the warehouse and data entry in the back office, offering significant savings for every entry. 

Time Efficiency


Eliminate duplicate entries and speed up the recording time for all inventory receipts, shipments, and other transactions, enhancing operational efficiency.


Accurate Inventory Management: 


Record all item movements in/out by scanning physical barcodes, laying the foundation for accurate inventory management.

Streamlined Communication 


Improve communication between the back office and warehouse, moving from traditional methods to online updates, reducing errors and enhancing efficiency.

Increased Customer Satisfaction


Streamlined inventory movement instructions between back office and warehouse lead to improved customer satisfaction by minimizing communication errors.

Elevate Your Inventory Management with Auto Simply Barcoding

Auto Simply Barcoding transforms the way trading, wholesale, and distribution companies manage their inventory. By automating and streamlining inventory transactions, businesses can achieve greater accuracy, efficiency, and customer satisfaction. Embrace the future of inventory management with Auto Simply Barcoding and take your business to new heights.