ACCU-DART is a leading inventory management solution that seamlessly integrates with your existing accounting or ERP system to provide real-time control over your inventory. Designed to enhance the efficiency and accuracy of warehouse operations globally, ACCU-DART utilizes radio-frequency scanners to allow instant updates to the ERP system, ensuring all organizational users have access to the most current information


Why Choose ACCU-DART?

Real-Time Updates

With ACCU-DART, your warehouse staff can instantly update your ERP system using radiofrequency scanners, ensuring that all users have the most current information at their fingertips.

Comprehensive Integration

ACCU-DART is compatible with leading ERP systems, including Sage 300 ERP, AccountMate, and Sage Pro, offering a unified approach to inventory management.

Enhanced Efficiency

Streamline your warehouse operations worldwide, shipping the right product to the right customer the first time, every time.

Unmatched Accuracy

Rely on real-time validation to ensure the accuracy of your inventory, reducing errors and improving decision-making.

Customizable Solutions

Benefit from our decades of experience and expertise, with customizable options to meet your unique business needs.


Features That Sets ACCU-DART Apart


 Modular Design


 ACCU-DART is 100% modular, allowing you to purchase only the features you need, ensuring affordability without   compromising on functionality.

 Essential Functionality


 Exte4nsive collection of modules includes Ship Sales Orders, Receive Purchase Orders, Physical Count, Warehouse Transfers,   and Serial & Lot Control, among others.

 Hardware Compatibility


 It supports a wide range of hardware solutions, from barcode scanners by Worth Data and Zebra to mobile devices like Apple   iPod/iPad/iPhone and Android handhelds.

Ready To Transform Your Inventory Management?

Discover how ACCU-DART can elevate your business operations. Contact us today to see ACCU-DART in action and learn more about our customizable inventory control solutions. Let us help you take control of your inventory and drive your business forward.