Orchid Inter-Entity

Orchid Inter-Entity

Inter-Entity Transactions module, a comprehensive solution designed to seamlessly manage and automate financial transactions between related entities within Sage 300. This powerful tool is engineered to keep your Sage 300 entities in perfect balance, automating the generation of offsetting entries with unparalleled precision and flexibility.

Orchid Inter Entity

Key Features and Benefits

Automated Offsetting Entries

Automatically generates due-to and due-from transactions, ensuring your accounts are always balanced and accurate.

Highly Configurable 

Say goodbye to duplicate data entry, admin costs, and the headaches of managing separate 
systems. Our integration simplifies processes, reducing errors and inefficiencies.


Versatile Application

Compatible with all GL transactions, whether originating from the GL itself, any subsidiary ledger, a third-party module, or an external system.

Comprehensive Audit Trails

A detailed audit log enhances transparency and facilitates error checking, providing peace of mind and simplifying compliance.


Multi-Database Support

Extend functionality across multiple Sage 300 databases, enabling consolidated reporting and streamlined management of inter-entity transactions.

Editions Tailored to Your Needs

Single Database Edition

Perfect for organizations operating within a single Sage 300 database, offering sophisticated routing and segment-level balancing capabilities.

Cloud data
Cloud Computing

Multi-Database Edition

Expands on the Single Database Edition, adding features for organizations that span multiple Sage 300databases, including loan account balance enquiries and consolidated AR & AP aged trial balances. The Multi-Database Edition also includes advanced cash management features, allowing for the allocation of payments or receipts across companies, streamlined invoice processing, and efficient bank transfers between entities.


Why Choose Orchid Inter-Entity Transactions?

Orchid Inter-Entity Transactions is not just a tool; it’s a solution that addresses the complex challenges of managing financial transactions between multiple entities. It’s designed to save time, reduce errors, and ensure accuracy across your financial operations. Whether you’re a non-profit organization with fund accounting needs or a multinational corporation managing numerous inter-company transactions, Orchid’s solution is tailored to meet your needs.


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