How-To Guide: Database Dump in Sage 300 for Backup or Export

In this article, we’ll show you step-by-step, how to perform a Database Dump in Sage 300.

Prerequisite: You must have access to an administrative user in Sage 300 which has the permission to perform a Database Dump.

Step 1:

Go to Administrative Services -> Database Dump

Choose the appropriate database. There are two types available – one for the company and the other for the system.

Set an output folder ‘Dataset Directory’ and click ‘Dump’ for each one.

Step 1.1: Select the Company database to export
Step 1.2 Selected the System database to export

Step 2:

Navigate to your selected output folder, and you’ll file files and folders with the database names you have dumped. Compress these into a ZIP file.

Step 2: Compress into a ZIP file

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