From Complexity to Clarity: Enhancing Sawing & Shearing's Operations with ADSS

Sawing & Shearing Services Inc.

Sawing & Shearing Services, a steel fabrication company, has been at the forefront of using cutting-edge technology for over 30 years. Jack, the founder, had 26 years of experience in the steel industry before establishing this company. Despite facing challenges typical to business owners, his determination and commitment have made the company a recognized leader in the steel fabrication sector.  

Sawing and Shearing Services

Challenges Faced By Sawing & Shearing Services

As business accelerated, the inefficiencies and limitations of their outdated system became apparent, leading to wasted time and resources, so Sawing & Shearing Services turned to Sage 300. 

Sage 300 presented a comprehensive digital package that revolutionized how Sawing & Shearing managed its operations. But despite the significant improvements brought about by Sage 300, they encountered significant challenges with their Sage implementation. 

Christine, the Vice President of Sawing & Shearing, reached out to ADSS Global for support. The primary issues stemmed from the system becoming overly tedious and error-prone, which hindered operational efficiency and accuracy in their business processes. 

ADSS Global

ADSS Global, established in 1981, has grown to become one of the world’s largest and most experienced Sage 300 Business Partners. They have over 80 certified specialists located across various regions, serving more than 3,750 firms in over 20 countries. The company is multilingual, with employees fluent in six languages and holding certifications like CPA, MCSE, and CITP. In 2004, ADSS Global Canada was created to offer specialized support for Canadian clients using Sage ERP Software. 

Strategic Customization: Elevating Efficiency with ADSS Global's Sage 300 Enhancements

Recognizing these challenges, ADSS Global stepped in to provide a tailored solution that would align with Sawing & Shearing’s business objectives. Through a series of customizations and re-configurations of their Sage 300 system, ADSS Global was able to significantly enhance the system’s functionality to meet the specific needs of Sawing & Shearing.  

These modifications allowed Sawing & Shearing to streamline their business and accounting processes, thereby achieving greater efficiency with minimal increase in cost overhead, such as manpower. This strategic approach not only facilitated Sawing & Shearing’s growth but also ensured that they could maintain their commitment to doing more with less, effectively leveraging Sage 300 to overcome their industry-specific challenges. 


Comprehensive Payroll Enhancements

  • A custom Employee Maintenance Screen was a game-changer, designed to streamline employee management by allowing the creation of new employees while preventing duplicate entries and disabling the lookup of employees to enhance data security. 
  • Key components such as the Payroll Bonus Calculation Program and a 401k AP Miscellaneous Payment program were introduced to simplify complex calculations and transactions. 
  • A Total Compensation Statement and Timecard Import from the Sierra time clock system were pivotal in providing employees with a transparent view of their earnings and seamlessly transitioning historical data into the new system.


Customizations in Crystal Reports  

ADSS Global undertook extensive modifications and customizations of various Crystal Reports for AP, AR, GL, Sales Orders, Purchase Orders, and US Payroll. These enhancements were tailored to meet the specific reporting needs of Sawing & Shearing, enabling more precise financial analysis, inventory management, and operational oversight. 


Copy Order Program  

To further enhance operational efficiency, a Copy Order Program was developed as a utility tool for duplicating OE order information, including optional fields. This solution drastically reduced the time and effort required to create new orders, ensuring accuracy and consistency across transactions. 


Paystub Portal & Digital Punch Clock 

The implementation of InStaff for online paystub access for employees, and as a digital punch clock replacing their previous Sierra system. 

An integration of InStaff time tracking data into Sage 300 Payroll timecards for streamlining payroll processes. 


Web App Portal for Enhanced Visibility  

The introduction of a Web App Portal served as a central dashboard for real-time operational visibility. This portal provided instant access to shop floor stages and processing status. This innovation significantly improved the decision-making process by providing staff with up-to-date information on critical operations.  


Document Management System for Purchase Orders and Order Entry 

This system features centralized document storage, where all drawings, quotes, and invoices are stored in a network folder. Automated attachments ensure that when printing invoices, order confirmations, or purchase orders, relevant documents are automatically attached. Additionally, users can select which files to attach to emails via an intuitive interface.


Production Dashboard Web App  

The dashboard shows the current queue for various operations such as sawing, shearing, and burning. The web app can be accessed via a tablet, allowing truck drivers to view shipment details. Drivers can sign on a signature pad, and the signature is tied to the shipment, creating a digital record. Signed documents can then be sent to customers via email, ensuring a seamless and professional communication process.

Equipped to Leverage Sage 300's Capabilities

ADSS Global played a pivotal role in the successful implementation of Sage 300 for Sawing & Shearing, demonstrating the transformative power of expert guidance and tailored solutions in optimizing business operations. Through their comprehensive approach, ADSS Global not only facilitated a smooth transition to the new system but also ensured that Sawing & Shearing was equipped to leverage the full spectrum of Sage 300’s capabilities. 

Key to this success was ADSS Global’s deep understanding of Sawing & Shearing’s unique business processes and challenges. By customizing the Sage 300 ERP to align with specific operational needs, they enabled enhanced efficiency, improved financial reporting accuracy, and streamlined inventory management. This customization ensured that the system was not just a tool, but a strategic asset that supported Sawing & Shearing’s growth objectives.